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Hello! Please help us by giving 5 minutes of your time for your (anonymous) feedback on live animal transport and join the 63% of newsletter subscribers who already did so. Click here for filling out a survey  

Pig Video Now Available!

  First practical EU Animal Transport Video available for pigs   The practical EU video for pigs, based on the Guide to Good Practice for the transport of pigs and three dedicated Fact Sheets, is now available. This video provides practical advice to professionals to ensure that the pigs they transport remain in good welfare. […]

Roadshows – Press and Publicity

Many of our Roadshows, recognised rightly for the spectacles that they are, have received publicity from national newspapers and magazines that have shown an interest in the project. We are thankful for any extra interest, as wider publicity generates a greater awareness of not only the project itself, but more importantly the information it seeks […]

French Guides presented at SPACE, France

Following the successful presentation of the ATG Project at the SPACE Convention in France, the international exhibition for animal production, an article has been published about the Guides to Good and Better Practices in Porc Magazine. We invite you to read it here!

Italian Transport Guides – Agricoltura Review

We are proud to announce that the Italian coordination team – Kees de Roest, Paolo Ferrari, Silvia D’Albenzio, Paolo Della Villa and Barbara Alessandrini – have published an article in the Agricoltura review, dedicated to the final guidelines of the Animal Transport Guides Project. Enjoy the article below!

Fifth ‘Stakeholder Platform Meeting’

On Tuesday, the 20th of June, the fifth Stakeholder Platform Meeting was organized in Brussels. During the project, this platform gives strategic advice and keeps an eye over the total project. We are very grateful for all their knowledge and advice; to improve all parts of the project, where and when possible. In the meeting […]

Have a safe trip!

All guides and factsheets are now submitted to the European Commission. As added, already a small update leaflet (please, click link below). We  expect that the final guides will be ready before the end of Summer. The factsheets are almost ready to be translated. Therefore, it will not last long anymore, till we can deliver you the first […]

Practical EU guidelines to ‘Assess fitness of pigs for transport’!

Practical EU guidelines to assess fitness of pigs for transport now available in many languages! The voluntary guideliney are the result of two years of work by UECBV, Copa and Cogeca, the Eurogroup for Animals, Animals Angels, FVE, IRU, ELT, INAPORC and Cooperl Arc Atlantique. These guidelines for pigs will supplement the set of guidelines […]

Update: progress is running hard

Finalizing the guides, organizing the videos and the factsheets and  further planning of the roadshows: the project is running on full speed! It will not take long anymore, to show you all results and present you the most updated agenda. All guides and translated fact sheets / videos should be publicly available in Summer. Exact data and places […]

First roadshow presentation!

On the 5th and 6th of April, « Journées de la Recherche Avicoles » will take place in France. It is a congress for poultry French Stakeholders. Laura Warin from ITAVI will present and inform the stakeholders about the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ – project. Good luck Laura!  

Eight countries, eight languages

Very nice update to pronounce! All parts of the website are now translated and available in the languages: English, German, French, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Spanish or Italian. A good opportunity to explore the website this weekend!

Updates for EU CPs and BIPs

As presented in the newsletter of DG Health and Food Safety, new updates arrived regarding the checking of animal health and welfare at control- and border inspection posts. You can find more information, by clicking on the following links. The list of EU Approved Veterinary Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) are updated for the UK Go to related […]

Nice weather, and nice progress!

Summer is coming and all participants of the ATG – project are working very, very hard! The guides are almost finalised, fact sheets are being prepared and roadshows organised. The European Commission will receive the first draft of the guides and fact sheets in the end of March for evaluation. By Summer all guides and […]

Question for the EC by MEP’S about the ATG – project

The question for written answer to the Commission on Animal Transport Guides has been tabled by a group of MEPs

Stakeholders’ meeting

In September 7, 2016, a large transport’s stakeholders meeting was organised in Brussels in order to discuss the draft guidelines to improve welfare of animals during transported. The meeting started with a presentation of Denis Simonis, the European Commission official responsible, who explained the objectives, opportunities and limits of the Transport Guides Project, and who […]